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PerfectDisk Free is a free and useful disk optimization tool. It is extremely convenient to create and restore one or more BBS exclusive folder, and keep a virtual file. It uses good antivirus method to remove viruses effectively. A virtual folder can be used to download files. With the virtual file driver, you can download files through USB keyboard or firewire cable and SD card. The program allows you to create a virtual folder or a virtual drive by dragging files or folders to its destination. It offers three different ways to create a virtual file/folder, including virtual drives, virtual files and virtual folders. You can be sure that your secret files or important files or multimedia files will be safe and secret even if your computer is infected by viruses. You can put a virtual file or a virtual folder into your BBS exclusive directory, and you can keep it there when your BBS runs. Your secret files or important files or multimedia files will be safe. The program can help you to create and restore a virtual file/folder, and keep it in BBS exclusive directory, which can be accessed only by your BBS. Or you can save your secret files or important files or multimedia files in the virtual file/folder. You can keep it there when your BBS runs. You can also read and write any of your files and folders which you wish, just like a real USB memory drive or a card. This program is so easy to use and have a real-time control. You can operate it under Windows 2000, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and other similar operating systems. It has a great memory control that can remove your temporary files, or cookies, or cache files, or temporary internet files. There will be a real-time control menu to help you quickly to fulfill your temporary needs, reduce your system's memory usage. It has a special function to quickly modify internet configuration settings and change your proxy settings. It has a good antivirus tool that can remove any viruses, Trojan horses, adware and other infections on your PC. It can clean your PC immediately. It is extremely convenient for online shopping. It also has a real-time file sharing tool for you to share files, images, video files and music files between two different computers. When you have installed PerfectDisk Free, you can also add a virtual drive, a virtual folder or a virtual file by use of some software or tool. It also can help you set up a virtual drive, virtual folder or a virtual file by using some other software 08929e5ed8

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